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If you’re an online entrepreneur, 
service professional, coach or consultant...
If you’re an online entrepreneur, service professional, coach or consultant looking to generate more income while creating more leverage in your business with an online course, then you already know that the best way to get your course to the masses, make sales, and scale is through webinars. 

So I’ll cut to the chase.
No need to be a broken record or convince you of something that’s already been drilled deep into your entrepreneurial mind. 

After all, you probably already KNOW that creating a successful webinar is that key tipping point that will allow you to leverage your time, make more sales, impact more people and scale your business to true profitability. 

You've probably also heard that the online training industry is growing rapidly and is estimated to climb to $325 billion by 2025… are you’re ready to get a piece of that big pie.
(source: Research and Markets forecast
Even if you’re lucky enough to have your online course on lockdown (yayyy, you!)... having your own webinar can:

Efficiently close the gap from unaware prospect to loyal customer
Developing effective webinar content is an art & a science. It should showcase problems, kill objections, and deliver high value without teaching too much. Through webinars, you can get your audience to take action and have small & immediate micro-wins of their own which is why webinars are some of the highest converting forms of marketing. 

With the right kind of content, your webinar should soft-sell your prospects without ever having to “hard close” anybody. A lot of businesses make the mistake of teaching and THEN selling, when in reality, the best webinars teach AND sell at the same time. By the time you make the offer, the entire audience already wants it. This makes the sale much more natural, and no hard selling is required.

Generate consistent, reliable cash flow
Companies live and die by cash flow, especially if you have a bootstrapped company like we do. So, the faster you can convert a lead into a customer, the better of you’ll be. Webinars can really help speed up this process. Why? Simply because they take all of the initial funnel-steps and merge them together; they let you build trust, deliver value, and kill objections in a small period of time.

Instantly raise your industry celebrity & authority
It’s a free webinar… you might be thinking, "who cares?" Your audience does. And just because it’s “free” doesn’t mean they’re not exchanging anything for the content and training you're providing. To attend a webinar, your prospect has to register, put the date in her calendar, set aside time for the event, show up at the right time, and then give you 1–3 hours of her time. 

He or she is doing ALL of this just to listen to you talk about a certain subject; this positions you as an expert before you even start teaching the content.

Effectively engage with your audience & transform them into die-hard fans
Webinars are truly unlike anything else; if done right, you can keep your audience engaged for hours! They also will allow your audience to place a name with a face, and a voice with a name. Through webinars, you can build personal relationships and provide the opportunity to have real-time  conversations with you ideal customers.

Reach more people & create more impact
How does getting your message and offer out to hundreds or thousands of of people from around the world sound? 

Amazing, right?!

This is one of the greatest reasons why webinars are so effective. There's no limit to your reach & impact!

Even though the reasons to create a webinar are a no-brainer, the process involved in actually creating a successful & high converting one is anything but...
In your most courageous moments you’ve made the commitment to start? Maybe you’ve spent hours watching & dissecting other people’s webinars and consuming all you can about hosting a webinar, figured out your scroll-stopping webinar title & topics, gotten all giddy over potential revenues, and maybe you’ve even hosted a few live webinars or launches and are now eager to turn it evergreen. 

If you’re super committed maybe you even invested in some type of webinar software on impulse assuring yourself that you’d use it in the mystical, yet illusive, someday - I know I'm guilty of this!

Even with the best intentions most course creators unfortunately end up abandoning the webinar project, allowing competitors to swoop in and take a stab while they remain sidelined.
You Can’t Afford to Veer Off Course 
Here’s why most course creators abandon the project. Without a super clear step-by-step project plan most course creators get completely lost.

They fall victim to paralyzing tech hang ups that experts always make sound sooo easy, lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do to create their webinar, or knowledge on how to promote & fill seats in their webinar.

Here’s why this is irreversibly crippling. As an already busy entrepreneur with clients to serve, services to fulfill, and maybe even a day job to get to, you literally can’t afford to veer off course!

The moment you get lost in your webinar creation it’s almost impossible to recover - it's like being handed a severely knotted necklace. You know, the beautiful dainty chains that are near impossible & extremely infuriating to unknot... So you can see why building a webinar is one of the few things in your business you need to get right the first time.

Luckily for you there are actually very few people out there doing it right. In all likelihood your competitors have either failed in their webinar creation or created something that doesn’t attract people to attend and watch, or worse creates a boring, ineffective webinar that leaves nobody buying.
Avoid Mistakes Your Competitors Make
That means that even if you’re late to the party there is still a golden opportunity for you to jump in and create a webinar that brings solid profits to your growing business. 
Hey there, I’m Jennifer young!
I help online entrepreneurs, service professionals, coaches & consultants, like you, be fully present and play all-out in their business. 

I understand that you're in the business of YOU. Your gift and zone of genius is your art & contribution to the world.  You want to help as many people with your course as possible because you know it will change their lives. 

But when it comes to marketing, tech, ads, and all the other moving parts needed to successfully reach your audience, you go a little numb. 

It's not your strong suit. Yes, you can learn it but are you really going to waste hours online researching & learning to MAYBE get mediocre results?!

As a savvy entrepreneur, you know the best thing to do is to stay in your lane,  work on revenue generating tasks, and leading your business & team towards your goals. So you're now in the search for a partner to help you implement new marketing strategies that will help sell your course, and scale your business. 

I've been developing both live webinar launches and evergreen webinar campaigns for over 4 years. We have helped our clients achieve 5-figure live launches and 6-figure evergreen campaigns.

Imagine what an additional 6-figures (each year) would do for you and your business!

I know what it did for my clients. It was an absolute game changer and the element that launched their business into profitability. 

And now I'm here to help even more entrepreneurs and course creators get results and achieve their goal!

I have over 10 years of industry experience. I have a gift of analyzing brand performance, predicting product trends, and developing compelling strategies that allows me to successfully conceptualize innovative initiatives, dramatically increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

My passion & expertise lies in helping digital product & course creators maximize their impact & grow their sales by exposing their message & product offer through live & automated webinar campaigns. 

I'm also an avid Clickfunnels strategist & designer, committed to the development of the funnel hacker movement. This passion for funnels led me to be internationally recognized by Click Funnels as one of their Top 30 Designers.

So, if your'e looking for a partner to guide you toward your revenue goals using webinars, I want to talk to you! Click on the button below, fill out a quick questionnaire, and book your free strategy call with me. 

I look forward to learning more about you and your business!

All the best, 
Live Or Evergreen, We're Your
Go-To Webinar Experts!
build webinars. change lives.
Our team is driven by your results. We know that every time your course is sold, you are potentially changing that student's life. And every time a course is sold, you are given the opportunity to give back to your students, business, and community. 

 Which is why we have intentionally crafted our services. - so that we can be your partner in making an impact in the world!
Evergreen Accelerator
Ready to automate your webinar and educate audiences through your funnel while your away? Our Evergreen Accelerator system allows you to autopilot your efforts, better leverage time and remove live launch exhaustion. We transform your live webinar into an evergreen system in 45 days or less!
Who this is for:
This is for the course creator that has already completed a 2+ live webinars campaigns. It's for that have proven their offer & that their webinar converts, but now wants to transform their live webinars into an evergreen webinar, running 24/7 & making money while they sleep!
Winning Webinars 365
Know in your soul that webinars are the next step in your business... But want a professional to implement & guide you through the process to save time & money? This one's for you!

We offer both done-for-you services for those that want to step into the webinar game on the right foot, as well as a group coaching option for those who are in the early stages of their webinar journey and would like some support along the way.
Done-for-You Live Webinar Campaigns: Live Launch 365
 Group Coaching: Winning Webinars 365
Strategy & Consulting
Want to do a webinar but don’t know what to do, where to start, and are feeling overwhelmed? Or perhaps you're looking for guidance in structuring your webinar, or maybe you're stuck on what to talk about in your webinar. Book a one-on-one- Strategy & Consulting call with Jenn to get all your questions answered and walk away with extreme clarity so you can keep moving your business forward!
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Don’t just take our word, check out what some of our clients & colleagues have to say about working with Jenn.
Ready to sell & scale your online course?
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